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TM Della products produced at the Noginsky Stroyfarfor factor in the Moscow region can rightfully be on the same line with the plumbing equipment of the best Russian brands. Our company is a large production complex that specializes in the production of high quality sanitary ceramics. Modern foreign, installed in the shops, you provide

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Sanfarfor Della – strong ceramic material of high quality

In the production of this material, our company in Moscow specifically selects the composition of high quality raw materials, sets a certain firing temperature, and applies a special glaze. A special glaze coating layer makes it possible to give the products an impeccable white color. A wide range of products for the bathroom and toilet room allows you to create an individual interior design and update the space in accordance with the personal requirements of the owner of the room.

Guarantee and high quality

In the company Della you can wholesale buy sanfarfor Moscov own production.
Raw materials and components we purchase from leading European suppliers. Reliable components make it possible to guarantee protection from leaks even after many years of operation. All Della toilet bowls have seats made of high quality plastic, containing silver ions. Thanks to this composition, long-term antibacterial protection is provided. For all Della toilet bowls and washbasins we offer guarantee for 10 years. This shows that we are confident in the quality of our products, all components and additional details – fittings and seats.

Easy cleaning

With Della toilet bowls, cleaning will now be made much easier, since a special click-up system makes it easy to remove the lid, clean the surface and put the seat in place. A special concealed fastening will provide an aesthetic appearance of the product and will facilitate easy cleaning. Buying in bulk our Sanitary porcelain can be sure that all items of the toilet room are made according to the requirements of GOST and all European standards that apply to such production.

Modern systems – the transformation of the bathroom

Sanfarfor is always very popular among consumers.
Someone is doing repairs in their apartments, and others are building houses – in each room there will be a bathroom and a toilet. Therefore, future entrepreneurs can open stores selling Della toilet bowls. This product , purchased in bulk, will be in demand and quickly “leave” from the shelves of any outlet. Wholesale of a compact is the receipt of large profits with the sale of products necessary for the home. All buyers will like the “anti-spill” system, which is equipped with each compact, and the dual-mode washout system will help significantly save the water resourse.

Buying sanfarfor in our company, each consumer receives quality, convenience, economy!

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