Manufacture of toilet bowls and sanitary ware

The Noginsk Stroyfarfor plant near Moscow produces various sanitary ceramics. The enterprise's products are produced on modern foreign equipment using only high-quality consumables, which allows the plant to successfully compete with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of sanitary ceramics.

The company produces its products under TM DELLA ® , which is widely known to Russian consumers and has long earned the title of one of the leading domestic brands of sanitary ceramics.

The production of our toilet bowls, wash basins, tanks, pedestals is based on three main principles: reliability, comfort, quality. That is why TM DELLA® is considered one of the best on the market. The same principles we adhere to when working with partners who are interested in wholesale supplies of sanitary ware.

We are confident in the quality and durability of our sanitary ceramics, since the production of toilet bowls, wash basins, pedestals is carried out in full compliance with all approved norms and standards.


Advantages of products manufactured at the
«Noginsk Stroyfarfor» plant:

  • The enterprise is equipped with a modern set of equipment, which makes it possible to produce plumbing that fully meets all European quality standards,
  • Our production facilities are located in the suburbs, so the supply of finished sanitary ceramics does not depend on the work of customs bodies, currency fluctuations, other risks,
  • «Noginsk Stroyfarfor» is a reliable producer, which guarantees the stability of deliveries of its products ,
  • The production of our toilets and washbasins is carried out taking into account the latest trends in fashion for plumbing, which allows wholesale buyers to quickly make a profit without cluttering warehouses,
  • We produce whole collections sanitary ceramics, which enable shops to earn on the sale of components and accessories,
  • Toilets TM DELLA® are supplied with a fully tuned valve and packed together with the tank in a monocar,
  • To our partners we offer full advertising support, an understandable pricing system, various delivery methods,
  • For the convenience of wholesale buyers, we offer various payment methods, as well as volume discounts.