IMG_6041.JPG Buy wholesale sanitary ware products in Samara

DELLA - one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality sanitary ceramics. Our company is the largest industrial complex, which specializes in producing high-quality sanfarfor.

Why work with us is a profitable? We supply high quality ceramics therefore work with us is a profitable.

We know that the strict fulfillment of all liabilities and comfortable environment for customers and producers, helping to develop the customer network throughout the country. Therefore, we do our work quality and provide only the best for consumers.

Innovative technologies, intelligent engineering approach allows to create unique sanitary products that meet standards and hygiene requirements are fully consistent with the tastes, desires of buyers. You can always order a wholesale sanitary ware in Samara, we are located at:

st. Novo-Sadovaya. 317a
Our tel. / Fax: +7 (846) 212-99-77 (office): +7 (846) 212-99-22