Customer feedback

I choosed the sanitary ware for small coincident bathroom.
There have been important to me 3 things: to avoid splashing when flushing, fit in the space, and with an oblique release.
I was looking for a long time in the markets and shopping, eventually bought toilet Otti, he was the most compact - only 59 cm and practical.
Sold with the inserted into the tank and customized fittings, so set it on its instructions.
The Otti real anti spalsh- I could not find at other manufacturers, powerful circular wash, short oblique issue, there is fixed to the floor. The main thing is cheap.

Vadim, Chelyabinsk

I read the all information about the water closet before the buying, so I understood that need to buy water closet with good fittings with a cascade flash and with a good seat.
Design also wanted a brutal, so it was immediately clear that in this house lived a man, not a silicone blonde.
As a result, I chose Della Brio at a very affordable price.
Of course, I doubted that at this price can be something worthwhile, but took a chance.
I want inform you that Della Brio is a good toilet, washes well and nothing nowhere is leaking, no flops, does not smell
It was established by myself for half an hour because valves already installed in the water tank.
In general, I am satisfied, and I see no reason to pay for the more expensive counterparts.
However, when took out of the box - I surprised unusual shape, but looks very good at the place.

Ivan, Lipetsk

Repairs can not be finished, you can just stop it.
So we did an effort of last December, could only set the furniture and sanitary ware.
We can live without furniture but without the sanitary-ware we will not able to live.
After a long walk around the store we have chosen Della Globus , we loved it and the price and quality.
It was the most beautiful water-closet in the shop thanks to the round shapes of WC Globus.
And wash-basin Globus the same perfectly round was made for the cozy interior of our bathroom.

Anastasia, Novosibirsk.